Prince Wrote A Diss Song About Donald Trump Before His Death

More music from Prince — bring it on! Turns out the musician was writing songs about Donald Trump way back when. A newly recovered song Prince wrote, titled ‘Donald Trump (Black Version),’ has resurfaced, and it’s amazing. Listen to it here!

As per usual, Prince always had a pulse on culture, and this newly resurfaced song from 1990 proves it. “Donald Trump (Black Version),” which is a song written, but not performed by Prince, shows exactly why he was one of the most iconic performers of a generation.

Yes, even back in the 90s, people were talking about Donald Trump. Prince rose to fame over the decades for his own style and musical influence, but behind the scenes, he was always writing music for other artists as well.

The song “Donald Trump (Black Version)” was performed by the band The Time for their 1990 album Pandemonium. Just as you would suspect, it’s as good as you would hope a forgotten Prince song would be. But even better than the song itself are the lyrics which were penned by the legend himself.

In the song, Prince wrote, “Donald Trump (black version), maybe that’s what you need. A man that fulfills your every wish, your every dream. Donald Trump (black version), come on take a chance. A 1990’s love affair, the real romance.” It may be 2016, but who doesn’t want a ‘90s love affair? Even if it is with Donald Trump, but, you know, the black version.

It’s a beautiful song, but don’t let the sweet lyrics fool you, because it does throw a bit of shade at Donald. Mostly commenting on his riches and the fact that he would be much cooler if he were actually Donald Trump (Black Version), but it goes to show just how great of a lyricist Prince was. He even managed to make Donald look cool, if only for a second.



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